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  • Following a year after The Daywalker Chronicles, The Lycan Chronicles finds Theo distraught when he finds out that his cousin, Matteo is facing some problems back home. Curious, he heads to Vancouver and soon finds out what's happened and how bad it really is.

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  • Легкие кроссовки Lycan La Sportiva для трейлраннинга и сезонных тренировок на средние дистанции. Верхний материал износостойкий и «дышащий», он обеспечивает максимальный комфорт даже во время самых интенсивных тренировок, внутренняя вставка из microfiber придаст дополнительный комфорт. Мембрана Gore-tex обеспечивает защиту от влаги и позволяет тренироваться в любой сезон. Обрезиненная защита мыска обеспечит защиту пальцев от ударов. Промежуточная подошва  Injected Eva для превосходной амортизации. Система Impact Brake System позволяет снизить нагрузку на голеностоп и коленный сустав. Агрессивный усиленный протектор Rock Ground обеспечивает отличное сцепление на любом типе грунта. Быстрая система шнуровки и широкая колодка позволяют надевать кроссовки без лишних усилий, оптимально регулировать внутренний объем и прилегание к стопе.

    • Верх: специальный износостойкий сетчатый материал с вставками из микрофибры - AirMesh / Anti-abrasion microfiber reinforcements
    • Подкладка: Gore - Tex  Extended Comfort
    • Защита мыска
    • Стелька: Ortholite Mountain
    • Средняя подошва: Injection molded EVA
    • Подошва: Rock Ground/ FriXion® AT 2.0 with Impact Brake System
    • Высота подошвы: пятка 18 мм, мысок 12 мм, перепад 6 мм
    • Амортизатор: Midsole - 32A
    • Вес: 710 г (пара)
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  • Every legend has a beginning and they same holds true with Stanley, the son of Sebastian Swanson. Being the first Lycan which he did not ask for, Sebastian learns over time his abilities, weaknesses and life in general. Making an agreement with a powerful Drackulis to not bite a human or war will one day happen, Sebastian out of loneliness disregarded those words. Years pass and he is settled down when he hears information from a dear friend which was the first one he bit, that they are now in danger by his own mistake. The hunt for Sebastian is on as he, his wife and friend relocate back to England where it all began. In this book you will take a journey of how Stanley and his brother Stephen became and other original characters such as Sirtimi were part of the first book 'Stanley Swanson - Breed of a Werewolf'.

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  • Things in Arcadia Lake take a turn for the complicated when the Lycan Tribunal shows up to evaluate Puck as an alpha. Not only are they dubious that a human can truly hold that mantle, their leader holds a grudge against Connor Henley. If Puck fails the trial, the sentence is execution - and if the pack objects to the ruling, their lives are forfeit as well.

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  • Following a month after The Lycan Chronicles, The Nightwalker Chronicles continues Ronan's story with a new threat looming. Mortals have been getting mysteriously slaughtered for months on end. One day, while looking for answers Mackenzie, Theo and Ronan come across someone that Mackenzie never thought they'd see again. This new encounter now brings with it so many questions each more complex than the last.

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  • Uluma, the only pack of werewolves left in South Africa, hide out in the small town of Skeerpoort, near Pretoria. Ylva, a hybrid werewolf, will be their new leader as soon as she finds her mate. She does find her, but there was one tiny problem - she is human. Will Ylva change her into Lycan? Will the woman allow Ylva to change her?Sandy a werewolf shifter and a qualified chef, obtains the position in her parent's guesthouse in Skeerpoort. She meets an old schoolmate of hers and falls in love before she finds out the woman was in a relationship.Darlene didn't recognize her, but she liked what she saw and visits La Croc more often.

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  • After spending centuries in a prison of ice, Tatijana of the Dragonseekers was freed. Awakened in human form, Tatijana yearns to explore the modern world—one with more mysteries than she is prepared for.Fenris Dalka has returned to the Carpathian Mountains, scarred by battle. Though the reason for his return could prove fatal if found out, he is drawn to the beautiful stranger who carries the scent of fresh earth, of forest, of the night itself.In time, Tatijana and Fenris will discover all that unites them—their secrets and pasts, their predators, and the hot flush of passion that stirs their souls. Yet just as surely, they’ll also discover everything ancient and evil that exists to destroy them.
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  • Sirtimi finds himself as a performer dating back in 1600's using what he can for makeup with chalk and water. Walking home on a late night after a performance, he finds himself faced with a person wounded badly who claims that it was done by a Lycan. Doing what he can, he tries to help the dying person which happens to not be just that but rather a Drackulis which when close bites Sirtimi to live on his legacy. From there, Sirtimi learns more of his abilities and seeks to form more like himself. Along the way, he finds out that he has twin boys prior to him being a Drackulis. His ultimate desire after all is said is to form a council of his kind and to seek out the very one that killed his maker.

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  • Debates concerning the nature of mind and consciousness are active and ongoing,with implications for philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence and the neurosciences. This book collects interviews with some of the foremost philosophers of mind, focusing on open questions, promising projects, and their own intellectual histories. The result is a rich glimpse of the contemporary debate through some of the people who make it what it is. Interviews with Lynne Rudder Baker, David Chalmers, Daniel Dennett, Fred Dretske, Owen Flanagan, Samuel Guttenplan, Valerie Gray Hardcastle, John Heil, Terence Horgan, Douglas Hofstadter, Frank Jackson, Jaegwon Kim, William Lycan, Alva Noë, Hilary Putnam, David Rosenthal, John Searle, Steven Stich, Galen Strawson, Michael Tye.

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  • It’s nine o’clock the morning after his father’s funeral, and Ezra Jones already knows it’s going to be a bad day. He wakes up hungover, sore, and covered in blood. Then it gets worse: the handsome and compelling Callum Dawson shows up on his doorstep claiming Ezra’s been turned into a werewolf. Ezra wants to be skeptical, but the evidence is hard to ignore.Ezra doesn’t have a lot of time to get used to the rules Alpha Callum imposes—or the way his body responds to Callum’s dominance—as he’s busily working for the CDC to help uncover the origins of a lycan epidemic. When the sexual tension finally breaks, Ezra barely has time to enjoy it, because a new danger threatens. Someone wants Ezra for their own unscrupulous purposes and will do anything to get him.

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  • 2nd Edition A Partnership in Blood novel By the time the alpha of the Morvan werewolf pack approaches l’Institut Marcel Chavinier for help solving his people’s fertility problems, pack numbers have dwindled and the remaining members are desperate. Though the wizards at l’Institut have no experience with werewolves, their lore, or their brand of magic, Raymond agrees to help. At l’ANS headquarters, Raymond finds Marc Gourlin, a young wizard fascinated with werewolves. Marc agrees to visit the werewolves’ home to study their rituals for the source of the problem. But when he arrives, he finds himself distracted by Adenet Silaire, the pack shaman. The attraction between them is powerful, but though Marc suspects he might be Adenet’s mate, Adenet rebuffs him. Marc is a man, and Adenet’s sense of responsibility will not let him take a male mate when the pack so desperately needs children. Meanwhile, Jean and Raymond discover the Aveu de Sang allows a vampire’s Avoué to calm his inner beast. For Jean and Orlando, this is wonderful news—but it only convinces Thierry how much Sebastien is missing out on because they cannot form an Aveu de Sang. Determined to give his partner everything he can, Thierry sets out to recreate the bond denied them by Sebastien’s past. This second edition received minor revision and proofing for re-release in honor of the publication of Partnership Reborn, the final book in the series.

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